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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the benefit to using these?
The main benefit is you can have the look, feel and characteristics of real stone without having to deal with the weight of real stone or cast concrete. This means that you or your customer will save on labor costs, equipment rentals (such as forklifts, etc.), back strain, workers comp injuries and home delivery costs.

What are they made of?
Kutstone™ planters, fountains, ash/trash receptacles are made with REAL crushed stone mixed with resin then fiberglass reinforced on the inside. So the outside is actually REAL stone, but they are lightweight, strong and easy to handle.

Will they stain easily and how do I clean them?
They are made with real stone and then sealed with a UV resistant matte sealant. Stone is naturally stain resistant and the sealant adds an extra level of protection to repel water and stains. For normal dirt and dust, simply hose them off with clear water. For other stains, hand prints, etc., we recommend a soft bristle brush and non-abrasive mild cleaner or dish soap. For tougher stains we recommend a product such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and clear water.

Does the product need to be resealed after several years?
The material was originally designed as a wall façade and column cap. Both have been in the field for many years without the need of resealing. However, if you decided to reseal it, clean it well and remove all stains. Then buy any stone/granite sealer designed for outdoor use (available at most lumber/hardware stores) and use this to reseal the material.

Will they fade in sunlight?
When the stone is crushed it brings out the richest of colors in the stone. Over time the product will fade slightly like any cut stone product will if exposed to outdoor direct sunlight. Tan will fade more than any other color and may lighten over time to a light tan color.

Will they crack or chip?
With normal use they will not crack or chip. They are very strong but if struck or dropped, they may chip or crack like any other stone or cast concrete product.

Do they have a drain hole in the bottom?
They do not have a drain hole as some customers want to use them without drainage. You can easily drill through the material with any standard drill motor and large drill bit. We recommend drilling from the inside out, to keep your bit sharp. If you choose not to drill and want to use them indoors or on sensitive areas, we recommend you test for water seepage before installation. Most are watertight but we do not guarantee them to be watertight.

Are the fountain/scuppers plumbed for my pool or landscape?
They are not plumbed as we do not know which side your plumbing will come in from. They are very easy to cut or drill for plumbing with minimal effort.

Do you make custom sizes or designs?
Yes we can if you will have larger quantities. Please email or fax us your drawings or requests for quotation.

Can you ship the items to me?
Since they are lightweight the items ship easily. We recommend purchasing multiple units as we can stack or nest them for a lower shipping cost per unit. See our packaging here.

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